Flow Rider

Adrenaline Rush

If you have ever watched surfers from the shore and wanted to try it yourself, come for an exciting ride with trained coaches there to help you have fun. This is the best way to try surfing. Be coached by professional park instructors on how to surf bodyboard style and improve your skills.

Flow Rider


Adventurous riders will experience strong movements and powerful waves on this 10m wide attraction. No hard or sharp objects allowed on riding surface. No loose articles.

Height Restrictions

  • Minimum height 1.1m

Weight Restrictions

  • None

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A Thrilling Activity

Experience the thrill of the all-new FlowRider Surf Machine at Loopagoon Water Park! Hop on a board and feel the rush of riding a wave. Our experienced instructors are always available to help you out with surfing. The best part? he opportunity to ride the FlowRider is included with water park admission!

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What You Need To Know

Your Safety Is Our Priority

The FlowRider is not suitable to be ridden by people with any form of health or medical conditions that could be made worse by the risks and/or hazards. The accelerations and motions may endanger the health or cause discomfort or worsening of conditions for people with the following: high blood pressure, heart conditions, head injuries, skeletal or muscular injuries, epilepsy, pregnancy or back injuries.


FlowRider is simply amazing. i had always wanted to surf and when I heard of the FlwoRider in Loopagoon, I decided to try. I am not disappointed, I must say


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Loopagoon is located at

Dana Bay

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