Adrenaline Rush

This huge water attraction is sure to appeal to the more adventurous sliders. Two, three or four riders will climb aboard a large inner tube for a water soaking ride they are sure to remember. The ride for you and your friends begins as you go sliding through a long tunnel that sends you into the middle of the Tornado.



It’s back and forth, up and down the surrounding high walls. Enjoy a feeling of weightlessness, before you are sent racing out into a splashdown pool. No diving. No loose articles.

Height Restrictions

  • Minimum height 1.2m

Weight Restrictions

  • Combined 320kg maximum


Get Soaked!

Get ready to get soaked the whole way through! This adventurous aquatic attraction is for a group of 4 to get in and spin downwards and sideways with the water splashing them left and right! At the very end of the sliding experience get ready to be plunged deeply into the middle of the water tornado awaiting you! Slide away and enjoy every bend and splash!

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Loopagoon is located at

Dana Bay

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