Adventurous Excitement

A wild, fun ride that you can navigate by yourself or with a companion. Try it. You will enjoy it. Pick up an inner tube, climb high where you can choose between two different slides each offering its own thrilling water fun.



You can go on an inner tube by yourself, or with a companion on a double tube as you slide down a unique, enclosed flume pathway that provides twists, turns and drops before a final splash in the pool below. Weak and/or non-swimmers should wear life jackets. No diving. No loose articles.

Height Restrictions

  • Minimum height to ride alone: 1.2m
  • Minimum height to ride accompanied: 1.1m

Weight Restrictions

  • Individual maximum weight 115kg
  • Combined maximum weight 180kg


Hold your breath!

On this ride, the fun is shared with your friend! The Pipelines were created for you and your friend to get on your mats and navigate your way across the fast journey that takes you from left to right as water splashes all over you! Let go of all your stress as you cascade like the water and zoom across the Pipelines!

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Twists & Turns

Plunge through

The Pipelines are two different slides using an attraction provided tube. Riders will experience twists and turns in an enclosed slide. You can ride either in a single tube or a double one. This is an extremely unique attraction with only a few in the world!


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Loopagoon is located at

Dana Bay

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