Octopus Racer

Adventurous Excitement

It’s four lanes of high-speed racing excitement for those people looking to go fast and get wet. On the Octopus Racer four people race side by side at the same time from a high height. Riders are on a mat as they go head first through a large descending curve as their speed increases.

Octopus Racer


This attraction features steep drops and sudden movements, before coasting to a stop on a long straight water-filled path.

Height Restrictions

  • Minimum height 1.1m

Weight Restrictions

  • Weight Restrictions: TBD

Octopus Racer

Race your way through

Get on your mat. Get set. Ready. And go! This four-player racing experience is designed to test who can win the race on this water slide. This is a ride for fun and for the lovers of speed. The faster you go, the more fun it is! This is a ride for you and the friends, so gather the group and make the most out of the enjoyable spirit of competition!

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Loopagoon is located at

Dana Bay

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