Cannon Bowl

Adrenaline Rush

When you are looking for thrilling water attraction fun, go for a slide on the Cannon Bowl. Hold on tight to your inner tube. This ride can make you dizzy, as you scream with delight. Riders can slide in an inner tube by themselves or in a double tube with a companion. They move quickly through a twisting enclosed tube, before entering a huge bowl where they will spin around and around, before experiencing a final drop into a waiting pool.

Canon Bowl


The Cannon Bowl has all the twists and turns you expect in a tube slide, plus a giant bowl at the end that spins you round and round before shooting out the middle into the splash pool!

Height Restrictions

  • Minimum height 1.2m
  • Minimum accompanied height 1.1m

Weight Restrictions

  • Individual maximum weight 115kg
  • Combined maximum weight 180kg

Get ready for a spin

Ready for making a splash?

Enjoy flume-style water slide where the rider can ride single in their tube or ride with a double tube companion. It shoots the rider into a dizzying spin, which goes around and around in the cannon bowl.

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